How will you shape tomorrow?

Future of Good is taking a bold next step

We are crafting a new type of digital media platform dedicated to illuminating stories, innovations, and trends shaping the impact economy.

Thank You!

The world of social impact in Canada is entering a whole new era.

Data donations are reimagining giving, shared spaces are reimagining learning, intersectionality is reimagining voice, and AI is reimagining social services. The world of impact is home to many innovations, and yet there is a universe of stories that aren’t being told.

Using the power of stories and convening, our goal is to make it easy for impact-focused leaders like you to discover, understand, and apply what’s next.

We are about illuminating tomorrow’s possibilities — today.

This media platform springs from the sold-out 2017 Future of Good summit co-founded by Jane Porter, Jason Pearman, and Vinod Rajasekaran.
Our platform hosts a curated mix of original articles, practical insights, and smart commentary. We focus on trends in their ascendency and fringe innovations that could become mainstream before we know it.
Our story mix might include: early experiments in impact financing using cryptocurrency, a series on reconciliation through indigenous-led clean energy projects, and an in-depth analysis on the changing nature of skills and workforce in the world of impact.
We believe these topics are of seismic importance to our community and to doing good well in the 21st century. It’s the Future of Good.

Vinod Rajasekaran